Friday, March 30, 2012

Dragon Wish

Book Review
Dragon Wish by Judith Leger

By Charina SM

Goodreads Synopsis: “Cold, desolate cliffs and a white dragon’s blue gaze captures Seren Jordan in a terrifying vision. A universe away, Paladin Fulcan--prince, captain, and sorcery-shadowed seed of dragonkind--struggles to overcome his grief during the long journey to where he must bury his wife and son. Seeing a shooting star, he violates the most sacred law of the dragonseed: he makes a wish.
A dragonseed's wish can open the gates between realities, can alter fate. But has fate itself decreed this wish? For the throne-less dragonseed's destiny is entwined with that of a mortal mate; their son is fated to be the One True Dragon King to rule over all the dragons. But not all dragons are content to accept one rule, and the rebels quietly gather allies to prevent the birth of Seren's baby.”

This was the first time I read a book about dragons. It was a very nice first time. I really liked it. I like the plot. I love the details; I could picture everything in my head. I love the romance. There is no love triangle, which was nice, there were enough complications in the story and the relationship of the characters that there was no need to add a third party to the mix.
I have to admit that it took me a little longer than it should to read the book. Once I only had about a hundred pages left I had to stop because I was busy. It took me about a week to retake my reading again. I was more than happy with the action in the book. I love fight scenes. And because the author was so good with the details, it was easy for me to picture the scenes in my head. I always had been a sucker for the happy endings so I was more than happy with the ending. I think this book should become a movie. This is the kind of movie my friends and I go see together on movie nights. Will I recommend it? Absolutely. Will I ever read anything else from this author? Absolutely, with this attention to details, I can't wait to read something more.

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