Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Questions interview with Liliana Soare

Liliana Soare author of “Listen to the Heartbeat.”

Welcome to The Book Keepers, Liliana, is a pleasure to have you here.
What kind of music do you listen to?
I don’t spend a lot of time listening to music, but if there is a kind of music I like to listen too, that would definitely be rock. God bless Freddie Mercury, his magnificent voice and in particular his song ‘Somebody to love’ that (after listening to it at least a million times) continues to give me the chills to this day. Yep, I’m your Number 1 fan, Freddie.
 If you could eat any type of food while you are writing, what will it be? Why?
I tend to obsessively munch dry cereals. They’re called Honey Weets, puffed wheat lightly coated in honey. Why? Because they’re yummy, hence very soothing when it comes to my writer’s block frustrations.
What is your favorite tv show and why?
The Simpsons. Basically because I fully agree with Homer: ‘Mmmm... Donuts!’
 If you could write any book, even if it has been written already, which one will it be? Why?
That would definitely be ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’. Merely to find out if I could manage to match the existing record, that is summon the heroine’s ‘inner goddess’ at least 59 times throughout the novel while rolling my eyes more than 41 times and saying "holy crap," "double crap," or the ultimate "triple crap" about a million times. Have I mentioned "blushing" or "flushing" 125 times, including 13 that are "scarlet," 6 that are "crimson," and one that is "stars and stripes red?"
 Five things you’ll take with you to a deserted island?
Chewing gum to start with. Great tool for boredom. Well, it works for me. Uhmm… wish I could take internet with me to feed my addiction (just a thought, can’t have everything). I’ll settle for an IPad with a whole library of books in it. Spare batteries for it too I so wish I could take internet with me… I would also take a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose 2002. And a smart looking, ice-filled champagne cooler (now I’m pushing it). Then I’d sit back (have I mentioned that I’ve found a hammock on the island, left behind by one of Charina’s previous guests), and I’d help myself to some serious gulps of the wonderful liquid, which would give me strength to start reading ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’.

Thanks for the interview! Good luck with your book. We hope to have you again.

Liliana also wrote a guest spot for The Book Keepers and we have an excerpt of her novel “Listen to the Heartbeat.”

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