Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fallen Angels

Book Review
Fallen Angels by Judith Post

By Charina SM
Veronika is a vampire that is running away from her maker. She lives in the shadows, hiding from everyone. Enoch is an angel send to Earth to complete a mission and go back home when it is done. But as the centuries pass, he is losing hope of ever going back. When a serial killer starts to kill women in their homes Enoch agrees to help his friend Danny, the lead detective on the case, to solve the murders. Veronika's and Enoch's path crossed in the middle of this investigation. Soon they’ll find out that they not only have to worry about a serial killer; but also about a very psychotic vampire who is willing to go any length to get Veronika back. How many women will have to die before they get the killer? Can Enoch protect Danny and Veronika from all of the attacks coming at them? Will Veronika lose her life in her quest for freedom?

I love the plot. I love the part about investigating the murders and I love the war with the vampires. The book felt long. It has some parts that I felt like I could just skip them. I kept asking myself, why is this here? I think some parts where just too much. That was the only thing I didn’t like about this book. It went too slow. I like the characters. It had some funny parts. Again the story line was great. I love the happy ending. I think I solved the mystery about why the women were picked by the killer before they did. It felt obvious to me.


  1. Hi Charina. Just followed you over from Goodreads. Nice blog! Really enjoyed your review of Fallen Angels. Going to get the book:) Happy Saint Patricks Day and have a fun, safe weekend!
    laura thomas

  2. Thanks! Happy Saint Patricks Day you too.